——Overlay several layers of reality in the search of unexpected coincidences.

——Try to link them by the means of symbolical, shape-based or referential correspondences; inherited or made-up, historical or subjective.

——Establish operational fields or tridimensional zones where different horizontal planes (body, city, music, internet, religion, etc) coincide by the means of archetypal vertical axes that enable these correspondences.

——So in art as in magick: join elements from unalike backgrounds, in order to reveal previously hidden connections.

——Search for updates of that which is ancient into that which is contemporary, and search for anticipations of that which is contemporary into that which is ancient.

——Use these parallelisms to cleanse the archetypes from their contingencies, and so unveil the way they prevail or transform themselves through the different space-time contexts and knowledge paradigms.

——Dispose it all, both own and other, according to the multiple classifications stemming from the proposed correspondences, constructing wunderkameras diagrammating places of the mind.

——Bring this encyclopedical impulse to its logical extreme in order to test the monsters of reason.

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