New PEDRAFORCA tape out now, released by Triangle Nihilista label (Ref.: TRNHL006) in a limited edition of 96 handnumbered copies.

Its title is "Lliçons de Muntanya" (Catalan for "Mountain Lessons"), and it contains 50 minutes of music divided into 24 tracks (12 tracks per side, 2 minutes each track).

Here's a video-teaser made by overlapping the whole 24 tracks into the time-space of 1 single track:

The music on the tape doesn't sound like this at all; the songs are noisy but not so much. Some of them might sound closer to classic necro unholy black metal, and some of them to some sort of "pagan street-punk", but all sung in the purest inland Catalan language for sure.

On the next 6 months, every Tuesday (the day of the god of war) a new track of the tape will be uploaded at PEDRAFORCA's Bandcamp and revealed through PEDRAFORCA's Facebook page, starting next Tuesday 17th April.

Meanwhile, you can already listen to one of them at Triangle Nihilista's blog site:

Each tape is sold for the numerological amount of 8€ (+shipping costs). In case of being interested in buying it, the best way is by writing directly at ocallaghanmarc@gmail.com (although you can also buy it via Bandcamp or Discogs)

With all my hatred,

M. O.